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The Website for Collection of Unpaid Service Charges Owed to Nightclub and Dayclub Workers
Numerous nightclubs charge customers for "bottle service."   In addition to the basic "bottle" cost, usually starting at a few hundred dollars, the nightclubs also require the customer to pay an additional "service charge" which is typically about 20% of the "bottle" cost.  The customers paying those service charges are lead to believe that money is being paid to the "servers," just like the tip the customer would normally leave.  As a result, many customers leave no additional tip for their servers, believing the tip has already been taken care of by the mandatory "service charge."  Unfortunately, it appears many nightclubs, in Las Vegas and elsewhere, do not distribute all of the service charges they collect to their servers.  Instead they keep some of those service charge monies for the "house" or distribute them to managers.  In the opinion of the attorneys sponsoring this website and as decided by various courts in similar cases, the nightclubs, by taking those service charge monies, are violating well established principles of law, specifically the servers' rights as third party contract beneficiaries and to not have their prospective economic advantage (their expected receipt of tips) interfered with by the nightclubs.  The improper collection and distribution of service charges is not limited to nightclubs in Las Vegas.  It has been reported to the attorneys running this website that Las Vegas poolside dayclubs are also imposing service charges on cabana rentals and beverages and not properly distributing those service charges to employees.  These sort of improper service charge collection and distribution practices appear to be common throughout the United States and are not limited to nightclub and dayclub workers.  The attorneys sponsoring this website are litigating or have litigated cases involving improper service charge practices by restaurants, hotel resorts, caterers, and banquet halls.

This website is sponsored by the law office of Leon Greenberg which is actively investigating and pursuing lawsuits for workers who did not receive proper service charge payments from their employer.   If you have worked as a server in a nightclub or dayclub, whether in Las Vegas or elsewhere, and have questions about your receipt of service charges, please call Leon Greenberg at 702-383-6085 for a free, confidential, no obligation, consultation.  Or send us an email (click here).  For more information on Leon Greenberg and his law office visit our main website